Alumni Manager Election Info

Organized by SJCOBA, Alumni Manager Election (AME) takes place every 2 (TWO) years, the upcoming AME will be held in 2021. Any SJC old boy (may or may not be a SJCOBA member) who has registered as a voter can vote to elect the next Alumni Manager.

Announcements regarding the AME will be posted to this website, and can be downloaded here.

1. AME Announcement No. 1

2. AME Announcement No. 2

3. AME Announcement No. 3

4. AME Announcement No. 4

5. Voter Registration Form

6. Alumni Manager Election Bye-Laws (2021) for election details and voter eligibility (see clause 25)

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Your support to the AME will be much needed and appreciated.