Chapters and Interest Groups


SJCOBA is proud to present the following chapters and interest groups formed to foster the relations among old boys in similar professions and area of interests. These chapters and interest groups are meant to build a stronger rapport between old boys to share their common interests, expertise and networks. We believe gatherings and meetings for such chapters and interest groups is the best way to promote brotherhoods and Josephian spirits among old boys and towards the schools. 

At the same time, setting the precedent for students to look forward to after their graduations from SJC! 


  • Entrepreneur & Startup Chapter

  • Finance Chapter

  • Legal Chapter

  • Medical Chapter

  • Real Estate Chapter

  • Sons of St. Joseph's

  • Sports Chapter (proposed)

Interest Groups (WhatsApp):

  • Car

  • Bowling

  • Epicureans

  • Golf 

  • Tennis

  • Healthcare

  • Horse Racing Interest

  • Runners/Hikers

If you are interested to join any of the Chapters and/or Interest Groups on WhatsApp, please kindly fill in the Google form: SJCOBA Chapters and Interest Groups Registration Google Form.