Alumni Manager Election Info

Organized by SJCOBA, Alumni Manager Election (AME) takes place every 2 (TWO) years, the upcoming AME will be held in 2019. Any SJC old boy (may or may not be a SJCOBA member) who has registered as a voter can vote to elect the next Alumni Manager.

Announcements regarding the AME will be posted to this website, and can be downloaded here.

1. AME Announcement No. 1

2. AME Announcement No. 2

3. AME Announcement No. 3

4. AME Announcement No. 4

5. Final Voter Register of 2017 for cross checking

6. Voter Registration Form

7. AME bye-laws (2013) for detail election information and voter eligibility (see item 25)

8. AME Announcement No. 5 Release of Provisional Voter Register of 2019 for checking

9. AME Announcement No. 6 Final Voter Register of 2019 and Candidate Nomination Form

10. AME Announcement No. 7 on Candidates numbers and profiles:

11. Final Announcement on Voting day information and regulations:

12. Congratulations to Mr. Michael Yen to be elected as the SJC Alumni Manager with a 2 (TWO) year's serving period at SJC IMC.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Your support to the AME will be much needed and appreciated.