Donation to SJC Foundation

For over 140 years, St. Joseph’s College has been providing quality educations to bring up fine gentlemen in Hong Kong free of charge, all thanks to the perseverance of the The Brothers of the Christian Schools (or De La Salle Brothers). As of today, there are 8 LaSallian Schools in Hong Kong with 7000 students, still providing free education to all walks of life.

It all started with St. Joseph’s College (SJC), being the first!


The world, the society and the education system in Hong Kong is changing everyday and it is not slowing down. Yet SJC is firmly standing its ground and its belief in affordable education to children in Hong Kong. The challenge is no easier than what the Brothers faced over 140 years ago. In fact, it may even be more challenging with demands of new skill sets from graduates both internationally and within the region.


Not only will SJC educate the young generations, but it will also prepare them to face the future challenge and even excel in their professions after their graduations, for Hong Kong and for the country.


Fighting an uphill battle is always not easy, quality education means serious commitment to resources.


With that in mind, the SJC Endowment Fund was setup. Ever since the announcement and establishment of the SJC Endowment Fund at SJC’s 140th Anniversary Gala Dinner, we have raised over HKD 6 million with our initial target of HKD 200 million. In 2018, SJC had been awarded 26 Kennedy Road as the new school extension, it is a long waited opportunity for school improvement for the betterment of the students, teaching staff and the school as  a whole. That also translates to more resources are needed.


Thus, we sincerely pledge for your help, support and even contribution to let us maintain and complete the challenge.

Please kindly visit to find out how you can help with the fund raising, there are numerous causes setup e.g. Principal Ching has established the Principal’s Challenge for different Years or Classes of SJC graduates. There are various ways that you can get involved and again you are always welcome to initiate your own cause for contribution. Again, we urge you find out more from

It all starts small and it all seems impossible to begin with, like our predecessors, achieving the unachievable. Only this time, we have YOU to help. Let us all live up to our Josephian Spirit and pass it on in a fashion!