Excom Election Info

SJCOBA Excom election is held every year during the AGM in November. Each year around 8 (Eight) Excom members will retire from their post as Excom members. The seats are then open for SJC old boys to run for in the election. Elected Excom members will serve a 3-year term at the SJCOBA executive committee. 

This year there will be 5 (FIVE) seats open for elections.



August 15, 2019

Upcoming SJCOBA Excom Election:

2019 - 2020 Excom Election - Election and Appeal Committees formed. Please see News & Events and search and click on the "Excom Election" Tag at the end of the page or the Tab on the headings of the events for details.

You are welcome to download the corresponding announcement:

1. 20190815 - Formation of Election Sub Committee and Appeal Committee

2. 20190912 - SJCOBA 2019 AGM Notice and Cut off date Notice

3. 20191014 - Provisional Register of Voters for AGM

4. 20191029 - Final Register of Voters and Excom Candidate Nomination for AGM

5. 20191105 Website announcement - Results of 2019 Election

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