Join the handful of prominent old boys and Brother Thomas to be a proud owner of this special piece - SJC 140th Anniversary Tourbillon.

Designed by Hong Kong top designers, watch masters and collectors with innovative concepts. “Tourbillon” represents the meaning of “collection value” and “the taste of prestige”, giving Josephians a means to reminisce all the good old school days spent with good old friends.

Tourbillon is a device which spiral, pallet fork and the escapement were worked on the same axis, and rotating 360 degrees, so as to reduce the time difference error caused by gravity. Due to the extreme complication of mechanism and assembly of tourbillon watch, it becomes a symbol of “the beauty of art”. Each tourbillon watch is assembled by over hundred pieces of tiny components that there are only few watch factories in the world that can produce tourbillon movements.

Thanks to the support of William Shum '02 at Memorigin, all proceeds go to the SJC Foundation. With HKD 80,000 you are welcome to request a specific serial number for your Tourbillon!

SJC 140th Anniversary Tourbillon