1st Football Friendly in 2021 - Feast Day of St. Joseph Soccer Game!

Feast Day of St. Joseph Soccer Game!

Registration Closed

Bring red and white jersey:

19/3(五)8:00pm 跑馬地8号細倣草, 7-a-side astro turf


1) Simon Li

2 ⚽man

3. Edmund

4. David Li

5. Peter Yip

6. Ben

7. Choi Yan

8-12 Tony & PolyU coach

13. Clarence ‘04

14. Charlton


Firstian x 7

Registration Closed

Our sincere thanks to Mr. Peter Yip (1977) and the Firistian in organizing and participating this in event.

More upcoming football friendly will be organized, please stay tuned!


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