SJPS 50th Gala Dinner - Ticket Order Available

Dear Josephians,

2018 marks the Golden Jubilee (50th) Anniversary of SJPS. Through out 2018, SJPS has organized a series of events to celebrate its 50th birthday.

There is no doubt all are mounting up to the pinnacle of the celebration towards the Gala Dinner on November 10, 2018 at HKCEC.

Josephians from SJPS and/or SJC are cordially invited to join the Gala Dinner and take part in the celebration, to experience the joy and happiness of our young Josephians. To show our good Josephian spirit and support for our primary school!

As tickets are limited, please download and complete the ticket order form and send back to SJPS together with your payment to secure a seat or even a table for your class of graduation.

Hope to see you all at the Gala Dinner!

Best rgds,

Kenneth Wong

President of SJCOBA


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