Announcement No. 1 - Saint Joseph’s College Old Boys’ Association (“SJCOBA”) 2019 Alumni Manager Ele

During the Executive Committee (“ExCom”) meeting on 18 February 2019, it was decided unanimously that there shall be an election of an alumni manager as provided in the Incorporated Management Committee Constitution. In accordance with Articles 4 to 7 of the Saint Joseph’s College Old Boys’ Association (“SJCOBA”) Alumni Manager Election Bye-laws (“Bye-laws”), an Election Sub-Committee is formed with Hui Ka Ho elected by the ExCom as the Convenor and Louis Chan and Jason Yau appointed as members by the President of the SJCOBA after consultation with the Convenor. In accordance with Articles 8 to 10 of the SJCOBA Bye-laws, an Appeal Committee is formed with Ronald Sum, Francis Mok and Jeffrey Ngan as members.

SJCOBA Alumni Manager Election Sub-committee Dated: 25 February 2019

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