Final Register Voters (FRV) of 2017 - Saint Joseph’s College Old Boys’ Association (“SJCOBA”) 2019 A

Please kindly download the Final Register Voter (FRV) of 2017 (immediate past Alumni Manger Election) for your perusal and cross checking.

Names on the Final Register for the immediate past Alumni Manager Election in 2017 will be automatically included into the new Provisional Register and Final Register for this election. Old boys whose names are not on this past Final Register but want to vote or be nominated as candidate should register as voter by completing the VOTER REGISTRATION FORM. The form must be returned to the ESC on /before 3 April 2019 either by e-mail or mail to SJC for the attention of the ESC.

Should you have any questions about the registration logistics, please feel free to contact us at

SJCOBA Alumni Manager Election Sub-committee

5 March 2019

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