Raffle Tickets for LaSallian Mission Fund

Please enjoy the Raffle promotional video from Bro. Patrick:


The Hong Kong Lasallian Mission Fund

The Hong Kong Lasallian Mission Fund (the Fund) was established in March 2012 by the Hong Kong Lasallian Education Council under the auspices of the De La Salle Brothers in Hong Kong. The Brothers are a worldwide Catholic Religious Institution called The Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, known familiarly in Hong Kong as the De La Salle Brothers. In Hong Kong, the Brothers are incorporated under the St. Joseph’s College Incorporation Ordinance (Chapter 1048) of the Laws of Hong Kong. They have been in Hong Kong since 1875 and are the Sponsoring Body of eight De La Salle Brothers schools including St. Joseph’s College and La Salle College.

Purpose and Scope of the Hong Kong Lasallian Fund

The primary purpose of the Fund is to support the programmes and work of the Brothers, with the help and support of the lay partners. The Brothers operate five secondary and three primary schools in Hong Kong. They also undertake a range of educational and formation programmes for young people both inside and outside the schools.

Sources of Income

On top of special donations through running special programmes; we have since 2014 introduced the Hong Kong Lasallian Mission Fund Annual Raffle within the Lasallian Family to both project the image of the HKLEC (HK LaSallian Education Council) and publicize the programmes of the Brothers as well as to generate some income for the Fund. Raffle tickets are sold within the Lasallian schools and among alumni. Details of the mission fund can be found through this document "LaSallian Mission Fund Background".


Buying the raffle tickets is the easiest and the most direct support to the mission fund. Please kindly contact SJCOBA (excom@e.sjcoba.com) if you would like to buy the Raffle tickets (HKD 20 each and HKD 200 per booklet) or if you have any questions and /or suggestions towards this mission fund.

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