Final Register Voters (FRV) of 2019 and Candidate Nomination - Saint Joseph’s College Old Boys’ Asso

Final Register of Voters (“FRV”)

The ESC has published a Final Register of Voters (“FRV”) listing out the names of Old Boys registered as Voters for the Election and their respective years of graduation or attending F5/S6 or (if left SJC earlier) would have attended F5/S6.

Candidate Nomination

Nomination of Candidates for the Election can be made in the period from 3 May 2019 to 16 May 2019 in the prescribed manner set out in Election Announcement No 3 (Questions and Answers on issues relating to the SJC IMC ALUMNI MANAGER) by sending completed and signed Nomination Form with all supporting documents to reach the SJCOBA Alumni Manager Election Subcommittee (mail or hand deliver to the SJC school office) as prescribed BEFORE THE CLOSURE OF NOMINATION AT 5PM ON 16 May 2019.

The ESC directs under the Alumni Manager Election Bye-laws that:

If an Election is a contested one, all Candidates' Nomination Forms as submitted, with all particulars (except for HKID card or Passport Number and Mobile /Contact No.), together with their Candidates’ declarations, confirmations, statements, aspirations and pledges shall be published on the SJCOBA website not less than 7 days before the Election day. [Bye-law 21]

Such Election will be conducted at the School between 10am to 2pm on the Election Day (1 June 2019) and the counting of votes will be conducted at the same place once voting closes. Results of the Election will be announced at the SJCOBA website within 24 hours after determination of such results. [Bye-laws 32 & 55]

Should you have any questions about the registration logistics, please feel free to contact us at

SJCOBA Alumni Manager Election Sub-committee

2 May 2019

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