Announcement No. 7 - Saint Joseph’s College Old Boys’ Association (“SJCOBA”) 2019 Alumni Manager Ele

Candidate numbers and profiles

By draw of lots on 17th May 2019 by the Alumni Manager Election Subcommittee, the Candidates for the Election have been assigned Candidate numbers as follow:

No.1 Peter LEE Wai-hung (year 1977)

No.2 Michael YEN (year 1987)

See link:

for their Candidates' Nomination Form as submitted, with all particulars (except for HKID Nos, Mobile/Contact Nos., email and other addresses of themselves and of their respective Proposers and Seconders), together with their Candidates’ declarations, confirmations, statements, aspirations and pledges.

The Alumni Manager Election will be conducted on 1 June 2019 (Saturday) between 10 am and 2 pm at SJC. Please come to vote for one of the candidates.

Online Forum for Alumni Manager Candidates

An on-line forum has been set up at the SJCOBA website to facilitate SJC Old boys, whether or not registered voters, who may wish to pose questions for the Candidates. All persons using the Forum and all their questions and answers must observe the following rules:

1. All questions must be posted onto the online forum ( under a Forum titled “2019 Alumni Manager Election Discussion Forum” (Forum) within the period from 23rd May 2019 to 9 am on 30th May 2019, to give time for all Candidates to respond by 10 am on 30th May 2019. When posting questions, the sender’s Full HKID name and Form 5 year must be stated.

2. Candidates can decide for themselves whether or not to reply to questions so posted at the Forum, and if they do, must respond by 30th May 2019, 10 am [24 hours before election].

3. All persons using the Forum acknowledge and accept that the SJCOBA, SJCOBA Alumni Manager Election Sub-committee (ESC) and the SJCOBA accept no liability whatsoever for any loss and damages that he may suffer as a result of his participation in the Forum, and he hereby waives all his rights against them.

4. The ESC and the SJCOBA reserve the right to close the Forum at any time without assigning reasons therefor.

5. Questions and answers must:

  • be concise and to the point

  • not be repetitive

  • be based on facts and not rumours

  • be decent and polite

  • not contain personal attack, defamatory remarks, or abusive language

  • no attack on or bring disrepute to SJC, school management or any school personnel

  • not represent the views of the SJCOBA or the ESC

  • be liable to be deleted by the ESC without notice or reason on contravention of any of these rules and ESC's decision shall be final.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

SJCOBA Alumni Manager Election Sub-committee

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