Alumni You are Invited to the LMC Zoom Meeting

Dear SJCOBA Members,

SJCOBA recently received an invitation to join a Zoom meeting from LEAD Mission Council (LMC) from LaSallian Family. One of the LMC's main task or assignment is "to strengthen the bond between alumni (former students, old boys and old girls) in Lasallian East Asia District (LEAD)". The previous Walk with Bro meetings have taken 90 minutes to 120 mintues (1.5 to 2.0 hours). Hope you will find the time to join us throughout. The proposed topic is on the Lasallian Mission Moving Forward Plan (LMMFP). Please find attached for a copy of the Institute document which was recently shared throughout the District and the Lasallian ministries worldwide. As you will see, the LMMFP is a guide for future planning, rather than attempting in any way to set local operational goals. As a guide, it provides a list of options that can be chosen according to local context and responsibilities of different Institute administrative entities. During his talk, Br. Robert Schieler FSC will also discuss how Lasallian alumni and former students may help in the Lasallian Mission moving forward. Hope you and your fellow alumni will find his talk meaning, relevant and truly worthwhile.

All those interested to join will have to register at <> and the Zoom link will be sent to them directly. All Excom members and OBA members, which is most desired and encouraged.

Best Regards,

Kenneth Wong (Class of 1985)

President, SJCOBA

Lasallian Mission Moving Forward Plan
Download PD • 2.06MB


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