Announcement regarding the Election of Executive Committee members of SJCOBA

It has come to the notice of the Executive Committee that some old boys have been questioning whether our beloved schools (SJPS and SJC) and their respective principals, supervisors or teachers have endorsed certain candidate or group of candidates to be the incoming Executive Committee members of the SJCOBA.

In order to maintain a fair upcoming election and clear any rumours, the representatives of SJCOBA have sought clarifications from the schools, their respective principals, supervisors and teachers. SJCOBA was given the utmost clear message that there was NO such endorsement whatsoever. The schools, the principals and supervisors and teachers remain NEUTRAL on all candidates. They also expressed their wishes that this election be conducted in the most fair manner.

The SJCOBA was founded for the main purpose of creating bonding between the old boys from different generations. This message is clearly reflected in the SJCOBA logo, which shows three Josephians holding hands with each other. SJCOBA acts as a bridge between the old boys and our beloved schools, and will ever be ready to give assistance to the schools when requested.

The Executive Committee intends to organize more activities for old boys after the pandemic. We wish you all happy new year. Stay safe, happy and healthy!


December 2020

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