FAQ for SJCOBA ExCom Election 2020

This year ExCom election is a contested one. In order to safeguard all members’ health in the serious COVID-19 pandemic situation, we implement the E-Voting and E-Proxy alongside with the traditional paper voting and paper proxy. We provide some FAQ for all members to familiarize the whole election process.

Q1: Am I an eligible voter?

All the eligible voters are in the Final Register of Voters. It shows all the eligible voters’ names and their years of F.5 HKCEE / S.6 HKDSE.

Q2: How to Vote & When to Vote?

Each voter can EITHER cast a vote OR appoint a proxy.

Every voter can choose ONE of the following 4 options.

Option 1 – Online E-Voting platform: 22 January - 5 February at 9 pm HKT

Option 2 – Online E-Proxy platform: 22 January - 3 February at 9 pm HKT

Option 3 – Paper Voting in-person at AGM: 5 February at 7 pm - 9 pm HKT

Option 4 – Paper Proxy: 22 January - 3 February at 9 pm HKT

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic and for the sake of our members’ health, SJCOBA STRONGLY RECOMMEND voters to use our Online E-Voting Platform (Option 1) or E-Proxy Platform (Option 2).

It is much more convenient and simpler than one can imagine.

Here’s the video to demonstrate.

E-Voting: https://youtu.be/KupC_6V3L-g

E-Proxy: https://youtu.be/XE8XejC52_Q

Details of each options are shown in the Notice of AGM.

Q3: Where to see the candidates’ info?

There are 19 candidates competing for 11 ExCom vacancies.

The candidates and their profiles are shown in the following link.


Q4: What happens if I cast e-vote and paper vote in parallel?

Once you have casted your vote in E-Voting platform, you will not be given a Paper ballot to vote at the AGM. Another way round, once you have got a Paper ballot at the AGM, you will not be able to vote in E-Voting platform. The same arrangement also applies to E-proxy and paper proxy.

Q5: What if I appoint a proxy and also cast my vote?

In such case, your proxy declaration will be VOID and your vote will be kept as VALID.

Q6: Who organizes this election? Any contact point?

The SJCOBA Election Sub-Committee is the organizer.

For any enquiries relating to the election, please email to election2020@sjcoba.net.

Q7: What is the background of this online voting platform?

The online voting platform is hosted by ElectionBuddy (https://electionbuddy.com/). This company has been running e-voting platform for a number of years and ran over 50,000 elections for associations and trade unions in North America.

Q8: How will you handle my E-Vote? Anyone can see my voting details during the E-Voting period?

The voters and e-ballot information are stored securely in the ElectionBuddy facilities and the data are being encrypted at rest and in transit. ElectionBuddy, SJCOBA ExCom and its Election Sub-Committee will not be able to view the voting details (who voted for whom) during E-Voting period. Such arrangement is to be done intentionally in order to protect privacy. In 6 months after the Election, SJCOBA ExCom will request ElectionBuddy to delete all the voting records without keeping any backup.

Q9: How will you handle my Paper vote?

After the closure of Paper Voting period (5 February at 9 pm HKT), the Election Sub-Committee will open the voting box, count the total number of valid and invalid Paper ballots, scan all the valid Paper ballots and send to Election Buddy for co-ordination. Afterwards, the Election Sub-Committee will put all the valid and invalid Paper ballots into an envelope and seal the same. The sealed envelope will be handed over to the SJCOBA President for safe keeping at the school. The whole process will be under the supervision of Supervisor Brother Jeffrey.

Q10: When will the Election result be released?

The election result will be announced at SJCOBA website and facebook on 6 February 2021.

Q11: Any Appeal system after the election result?

According to the Election By-law, only an unsuccessful Candidate is entitled to lodge an appeal to the Appeal Committee (which consists of Principal Wong Yuen Fan and two ExCom members). An appeal must be lodged, together with written Grounds of Appeal, to the Appeal Committee within 7 working days (“the Appeal Period”) after the election result release. No appeal shall be entertained unless it is brought within the Appeal Period and the Appeal Committee is of the reasonable opinion that the outcome of the appeal will materially affect the result of the election.

If the Appeal Committee is of the reasonable opinion that the outcome of the appeal will materially affect the result of the election, it shall deal with the appeal in such manner as it directs and at its sole discretion. In such case, the Election Sub-Committee will request the online platform ElectionBuddy to review all the E-votes and provide randomized report showing every voter’s choice but without showing the voter’s name. On the other hand, the Election Sub-Committee will recount all the Paper votes.

According to the Election By-law, the Appeal Committee must determine an appeal and inform the appellant of the outcome within 14 days after the lodging of the appeal. The determination of the Appeal Committee shall be final.

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