Last Call for Mission Fund Raffle Tickets Sales

Good Morning Gentlemen.

A gentle reminder – Sales for the Lasallian Mission Fund Raffle 2021 will be open up to May 7, 2021 i.e. today and tomorrow (last day).

Each book is priced at $200, containing 10 tickets of $20 each.

Some projects that have been sponsored by the Fund are:

(a) La Salle Study Centre in China – Brother David Liao

(b) De La Salle Secondary School’s Students Support Programme

(c) The Bamboo School Project in Thailand

(d) many others

Any Josephian is welcome to support the Mission by buying the raffle tickets – even just one book (10 tickets for $200).

Interested parties please contact SJCOBA President Kenneth Wong (+852 98133872 or to contribute.

Thank you so much for your support!


May 6, 2021

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