SJCOBA President Report 2019-2020

It is with much anticipation and solemnity that I prepare this report for SJCOBA 2019 -2020. Covid-19 has affected and changed the way of live for many around the world. Despite the harsh conditions, the people of Hong Kong and Josephians have proved to be highly resilient and adaptive. It was a difficult year to organize any gatherings and events with the 2020 AGM dinner being one of the casualties. It was also unfortunate that a retirement dinner to thank Mr. Perrick Ching for his leadership as SJC principal could not be organized. I am positive that once the condition permits, this event would be one of the first we put on the calendar.

I would also like to congratulate Ms. Wong Yuen Fan for being elected the new Principal of SJC. Ms. Wong has always been very supportive to SJCOBA and old boys’ events. The OBA will look forward to her continued support and guidance. So as to ensure we provide the best and most timely support to the school, teachers and students, when needed.

This year’s Executive Committee Members’ election, under the watchful eyes of Election Committee Chairman Kent Yeung (Class of ‘04), will be of particular significance in the sense that SJCOBA will be conducting its first ever E-voting and E-proxy ballots (possibly a first among Hong Kong Secondary Schools’ Alumni Associations). My heartfelt thanks to Eddie Chan (Class of ‘90) who put in so much time and effort to make this E-voting solution possible. This year’s election is hotly contested, with 19 candidates vying for the 11 available positions. I am encouraged to see candidates from the 90’s, the 00’s and beyond standing for election. Surely an indication that our association is moving with the times.

Even though face-to-face meetings have had to be curtailed due to the pandemic, we still managed to conduct a number of events with the help and support from old boys as well as convenors from various SJCOBA Chapters. These include:

➢ The Kick-off ceremony of the SJC 145th Anniversary

➢ The Launch of Vision 22 – an ambitious long term rebuilding project for 7 Kennedy Road

➢ The 9th Global Economic Forum (Virtual)

➢ The 12th SJCOBA Summer Mentorship Program (Virtual)

➢ An official kick-off ceremony of the SJC Football Program and awarding of the Martin Hong Soccer Scholarship

➢ An Entrepreneur and Startup Chapter Webinar (Zoom) Series with Rainer Sip (‘91) as the first guest speaker

➢ A Finance Chapter Webinar (Zoom) - “SJCOBA 2021 Outlook: Recovery or Recession” with Christiaan Tuntono (’92) and Daniel Lam (’93) as guest speakers

➢ A Finance Chapter Covid-19 Speaker Series (online chat) with William Ip (‘89), Kenny Lam (‘91), Stephen Wong (‘91), Keith Chan (‘90), Kevin Yuen '91, Li Shun Hong (’92) and Paul Au (’93) as guest speakers

➢ One Half Day Old boys’ Football friendly games in Happy Valley

➢ Visit to Brothers’ Grave at St. Michael Cemetery in Happy Valley (Sons of St. Joseph’s)

➢ 7-26 SJC (Heart-to-Heart) Interview Series - over 13 interviews have been conducted with prominent alumni from different generations, supervisors, principals, janitors, teachers, etc

Looking forward, I sincerely hope that the pandemic will subside soon so all the social and school activities can be resumed. Discussions are under way for events and projects to be enjoyed by old boys in 2021 once the pandemic restrictions are lifted.

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy 2021 and a prosperous Year of the Ox.

Kenneth Wong (Class of 1985)

President, SJCBOA

Feb 5, 2021

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